How It Works?

    Once you choose a plan, delegating tasks is as simple as 1-2-3:
  1. Determine a task you need to delegate.
  2. Email it to us.
  3. A BackupMan will complete the task and get back to you.

What is a task?

A task is anything that can be completed within a time frame of 30 mins or less using a computer and/or a telephone.

What if a task takes longer than 30 minutes?

Let's say you have a task (or a project) that could take up to 2 hrs to complete & cannot be further broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Just let us know in your request that you want us to use upto 4 task-credits on it (i.e., 30 mins x 4 task-credits = 2 hrs) & we will get it done.

If you are unclear about the amount of time a request will take for completion, we recommend that you ask us to spend 1 task-credit on it. We will then work on it for 30 minutes and get back to you with the progress we make thus far so you will get a better idea of how long it will take us to complete the rest of the task.

Top-Up Tasks

Top-Up tasks are task credits on demand with no obligation to renew. If you are a subscriber and at any point you run out of task-credits in your current monthly cycle and still have more work to be done, you can simply purchase more task-credits so you don't have to miss out on accomplishing things during the remainder of the days in your billing cycle.

Tasks we can do   (rollover mouse to see examples)

  • General

    Making Calls, Reminders, Various online tasks!

  • Scheduling

    Setting-up/changing appointments, scheduling services, checking availability!

  • Research

    Searching, scanning forums, looking up all kinds of stuff!

  • Organisation

    Making spreadsheets, lists, and rearranging your online clutter!

  • Travel

    Flights, hotels, restaurants, transportation!

  • Recurring

    Everyday, every week, every month!

You can visit the FAQ page for more info.
Or send us an email if you have any questions.

Things we cannot do

  • Content Creation

    We can find companies/people that can design logos, write blog posts, legal statements, etc. but we cannot personally do those things for you.

  • Decision Making

    When we do a task for you, we provide you with important information, but we can't make judgements for you. We can only give you everything you need to make a decision.

  • Pay On Your Behalf

    We can shop for you on websites that save your financial info (like, etc.) but we cannot accept your credit/debit-card info to do those things.

  • Physical Tasks

    We can find people or services to do physical tasks for you like laundry, cleaning, etc., but we cannot do it ourselves since all tasks are done via the internet and phone.