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backupMen is a team of virtual assistants ready to support your needs in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner. Our team includes talented people from a variety of professional backgrounds who provide high attention to detail.

We are committed to making life easier so you can spend time doing things that you love and making life full of meaningful experiences.

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Common Tasks

  • Find me a dogwalker near west 4 street willing to work 3 times a week for $15 an hour.

  • Find out when can I get an appointment for threading at Shobha Beauty Salon this wednesday.

  • Search the internet for 100 cool websites about water for my twitter account.

  • I have scanned a hand-written list of my colleagues and their contact info. Recreate an organized spreadsheet with this information.

  • Please call the Hilton near San Diego airport and confirm that I am arriving at 4pm.

  • I put up an ad in craigslist to sell my A.C. Please update it every Thursday.

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How it works?

    Once you choose a plan, delegating tasks is as simple as 1-2-3:

  • 1. Determine a task you need to delegate.

  • 2. Email it to us.

  • 3. A "BackupMan" will complete the task and get back to you.

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